Dear Creation Museum Guy

Dear Creation Museum Guy,

I saw that event where you talked beside Bill Nye the Science Guy, and I have a few concerns. I say you talked beside him because I cannot justify calling it a debate, and similar to the way you started off, I think we ought to begin by defining a few terms.

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On Moral Subjectivity

Dear Matt, 

I read your recent piece entitled Why I could never be a liberal, and I have several concerns. First, you seem to confuse Liberals with liberals and Conservatives with conservatives (you may be a Conservative, but I’m not sure you’re conservative), but we don’t need to get into the problem with labels right now, because what I really want to address is the idea of moral absolutism vs. moral subjectivity.

As Conor Friederdorf points out in his response in The Atlantic, the right has its own problems with what would rightly be considered more of a moral hypocrisy if not a moral subjectivity (even if it’s morally wrong it can still be acceptable because the ends justify the means – i.e. torture) , but still clearly demonstrates that the moral absolutism of the right is not really so morally absolute after all.

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Dear Senate Republicans - Judicial Appointment

Dear Senate Republicans, 

Congratulations on finally coming to your senses and confirming Robert E. Bacharach for a seat on the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

While this story probably won’t get much publicity, it is a shining example of pretty much everything that is wrong with our political system, and your party in particular. The honorable Mr. Bacharach has been a magistrate judge in the district since 1999, has received the highest rating from the American Bar Association, and was recommended for the position by two of your Republican senators from the district, Tom Coburn and James Inhofe. Despite lavishing unequivocal praise on the man however, after the recommendation was accepted by the President, your entire caucus—including the two guys who recommended him in the first place—decided to block his nomination for nearly nine months.

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Dear Mr. President: We Deserve A Vote


Dear Mr. President,

I agree with pretty much everything you said last night in the State of the Union address. But I want to talk about something you didn’t talk about very much, so rather than responding to the state of the Union, I want to address the state of our democracy.

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Dear Citizens, Filibuster Reform

Dear Citizens,

We are concerned. We are concerned with a great many concerns concerning the citizenry. Such a great many concerns both great and small that we do not have enough concern to be concerned about all of the concerns the citizens are concerned with, and so, we have had to prioritize our concerns, because some concerns are more concerning than others.

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